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Mary Hills was born in Detroit, MI, on February 4, 1965 to Frank and Florene Hills. Her parents were from Mobile, AL. They moved to Detroit, MI in the early 60’s. Frank and Florene, were hard working people who raised nine children: Barbara Hughes, Joann Bell, James Bell, Charles Hills, Frank Hills, Hyla Hills, Henry Hills, Mary Hills and Damon Hills. Mary is the youngest girl of Frank and Florene Hills.

Frank Hills owned a cleaner, beer and wine store, and a construction company. Florene Hills was active in the church; she was an Eastern Star. Florene was the queen of Michigan for six years, and it was from her Mother that Mary learned much of her loving and caring ways.

Mary Hills began her journey through life. At an early age Mary Hills found her true calling working with people. Her first job was working at Montessori Daycare Center. From thee she quickly realized that she loved to work with, and take care of people. Mary participated in many fashion shows at the age of sixteen; she did some modeling for Days Fashion in Hamtramck, MI and Dietrich’s Fur in Detroit, MI. Mary graduated from Central High School in 1983.

Mary left home at the age of 18 to enroll in Baker College in Flint, MI. She received a certificate in computers from Detroit Business Institute in 1987. She received certification as a Direct Care Worker from Wayne Center, and received many certificates from VCE online training. Mary now attends Ashford University online Courses, pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.

She has one son born in Detroit, MI, on October 12, 1991. Her son was victim of a senseless crime on March 7, 2012. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. Mary is engaged to Henry Williams. Henry has worked as a Glazier for Need Glass for over 12 years.

Mary’s father was a victim of a senseless crime in 1979; her mother died of natural causes in 1986; her brother Charles Hills was a victim of a senseless crime in 1984, and her brother James Bell died of natural causes in 2011.

The neighborhood she lived in was good. She lived in a Historic area on Boston in Detroit, MI. Her family lived in a five bedrooms, five bathroom, finished basement home with an attic and big backyard for many activities.

She is a member of Burnett Baptist Church. She circulates petitions for the Democratic Party, and recently volunteered at a church in Taylor, MI.

Mary felt a strong connection with different attributes of human nature her entire life, and always believed that people were bound together in one way or another. One of her proudest accomplishments was being a great parent. Further accomplishments are being true to herself, trusting God, and having achieved many certificates in her life.